Sunday, October 7, 2012

Flatbread - Rieska

This Christmas Immu and I will be spending it in Finland, freezing our butts off.

In preparation I have been learning how to pronounce and read Finnish. Seriously it is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Letters shouldn't make those sounds and how they do I have no idea. I have always had a hard time rolling my R's in Spanish and Finnish uses just as many. Wonderful. This morning I was working hard and this is why, Immu tells me "What would make me happy is if you could read and say Finnish words so that I can understand you" HA. Let the lessons being.  This blog I love because she is from Finland and she uses both English and Finnish in her posts, her food also looks delicious:

Immu and I getting ready to cook 

My Sous chef

 I do know a few words, enough to get me wine-viini, pancakes-pannukakku, coffee-kahvi, say thank you-kiitos, and yes- joo or kyllä :D What else do I really need?

All the learning made me really want this Finnish flatbread I had while visiting Helsinki with him in April, it was so simple and just good.  Here are the steps and pictures below of our Finland inspired feast.


The flatbread turned our surprisingly good and Immu said tasted like Finland. Well that is pretty much all I need to hear.

How to make: Set your oven to 450 degress and fill a bowl of water with 1 liter (4 cups) of ice cold water. Add enough flour till it makes a porridge consistency like the one below. Bake for a few minutes till cooked and golden brown.

Barley Flour Dough

Finnish Inspired Feast
Ikea, yes ikea, Meatballs

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  1. ikea meatballs!!! lol, I have actually heard those are good. As for the Christmas in Finland.. I will miss you two! We must have our Christmas Cousin party with plenty of time before you go! <3